Premier holds keynote speech

Cameron wants British vote on EU whereabouts

British Prime Minister David Cameron (Photo: AP)Enlarge ImageBritain is already special way in the EU. Soon threatened the complete withdrawal?British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to go to a possible re-election of 2015, the population can vote on the fate of Great Britain in the European Union. As it is in pre-release excerpts from his planned keynote speech today to the EU, the referendum should be held for a renegotiation of Britain's EU membership, following the general election scheduled for 2015.

An "inside-or-outside-decision"

A review of the relationship with the EU was necessary because "the disenchantment of the public about the EU has reached an all time high," says the Tory leader his plan. Many disturbing "interference in our national life by unnecessary rules and regulation" of the EU. "The next election will program the Conservatives in 2015 asking the British people for a mandate for a Conservative government to negotiate a new arrangement with our European partners in the next Parliament," it said in the speech excerpts. Then there was "a referendum by a simple Inside-Outside-or-decision to stay in these new realities in the EU or withdraw completely."
Cameron has said that manuscript According understanding of "impatience", the call for an immediate EU referendum. He also warns against hasty decisions: "I do not believe that a decision at this time is the right way forward, neither Britain nor Europe as a whole." The Euro crisis will transform the EU, "possibly beyond recognition", and Great Britain would help determine the future shape of the international community.

Warnings from many quarters

Cameron's announcement would not only annoy some EU partners, but also its allies in government, the Liberal Democrats. Business representatives and the opposition Labour Party had previously warned that the announcement of such a referendum would harm the UK economy. Even the U.S. government warned London prior to isolation in Europe.
The British politician, Labour leader Ed Miliband called the speech that a "weak Prime Minister", which was led by party interests and let the economic interests of the country in mind. He accused Cameron to create years of uncertainty."This speech helps any young person looking for a job, any small business that cares for a loan, or a family whose standard of living is pressed."
Cameron's speech had already been postponed several times. Even six months ago, there was speculation about a keynote speech on relations with the EU.Of the Conservative Party in October passed unused, also reports of a speech event at Christmas have not been realized. A speech event last week was canceled due to the hostage situation in Algeria.